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Welcome to the Rite Leg Company.

Do you have wood with a unique look or interesting character? Maybe a wooden slab from a sentimental or storm damaged tree? Are you looking to create a special piece of furniture? Do you have a sawmill and want to offer value added products? Then put your tops on our bottoms!

The Rite Leg Company designs and fabricates metal bottoms or legs for your custom tops. We do what we do best - steel design and fabrication. And you can do what you do best: Cover up our bottoms with your wooden slabs, reclaimed beams and lumber, live edge timbers or even granite and marble tops.

So check out our legs. Need inspiration or looking for ideas, then check out our Portfolio page.

We group the products into similar styles.

For fun, each style is given a woman's name. So if you like the look of Alissa's bench legs you might also like Alissa's table legs as they will have the same lines. But you can mix and match any of the styles.

Alissa is from Axe Women Loggers of Maine. She was chosen to represent the simple sleek natural curved leg. The leg style named for Alissa is a concave leg. If you look at her style bench leg it looks like a tree stump.

Danielle works in our facility. Danielle was chosen to represent the retro industrial style with the convex curved leg.

Anne isn't anyone we know but it only made sense that we use Anne to represent a Queen Anne style.

Rosa in honor of Rosa Parks.  Her name was chosen because the bench leg she represents reminded us of a park bench. She also represents our picnic table.  Sorry for the bad pun.

Stacy is a friend of ours who loves to try new things.  Since our cart frame is so versatile we thought it should be named for her.

New Leg Designs

Alissa's Legs

Danielle's Legs

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